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Many different types of hair used within the hair replacement industry. Three main types of hair are widely used in hair replacement systems – Synthetic fiber, Normal human hair (including Chinese hair and Indian hair), Remy hair and Virgin hair.


1. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is simply very fine plastic filaments made primarily of modacrylic fibres that have the look and feel of real hair. But We use only the real human hair.


2. Normal Human Hair

There are two main types of human hair used in hair replacement systems – Chinese hair and Indian hair. 

1) Chinese hair

Chinese hair is the most common type of hair found in hair systems on the market today. The reason for this is simple - it's readily available in large quantities and cheap to buy. However Chinese hair has a round cross-section as opposed to the oval shape of European hair, making it too thick, rigid and coarse to be appropriate for people of European descent. In order to reduce the thickness and give it a softer and finer texture many hair companies expose the hair to an aggressive acid treatment to strip the cuticle layer. This chemical treatment destroys the cuticle layer, leaving the hair opaque and fragile. The hair is then colored and covered with a silicone layer which gives it a simulated healthy look. But as many of you are aware, this protection has a short life. In the beginning the hair seems shiny and beautiful, but after a few washes the silicone layer starts to wash away and the color fades leaving the hair with a dull matt appearance


Because of these reason we never use Chinese hair and instead only use the finest quality Indian Remy Cuticle hair in the production of our hair systems with no fillers.


2) Indian hair

We utilize the finest quality Indian hair in our hair replacement systems. The texture is very smooth and soft. Genetically, Indian hair is very similar to Caucasian hair in its basic structure.

The regular Indian hair is collected on mass, where the hair lies disorganized in all directions. At this stage the cuticle layer is still in place, but unless the cuticle layers are all facing in the same direction, the hair would tangle and you would not be able to use it.

In order to use this hair, it is necessary to submit it to a chemical treatment to strip the cuticle layer, which prevents it from tangling when used in hair replacement systems.

Although this hair is superior in texture when compared to Chinese hair, it still has the limitation of being exposed to a chemical treatment, which often results in premature color fading and a limited life span (hair looks dull and matt after a few months).

Despite these limitations, the regular Indian human hair is a great entry level option and represents excellent value for money.

It is also perfect for those clients who change their hair replacement systems frequently, switching to a new system before the signs of wear & tear begin to surface.

You can extend the life of the hair by using leave-in conditioning treatments that contain UV protectors, which prevents sun damage and retards color fading.

Also, if you do experience color loss, the hair can be re-colored, which can also help to extend the life of the hair.


3) Remy Hair

Remy hair is also human hair, but the difference is how it's processed. Remy hair is cut from the head and tagged "root-to-tip." Throughout the entire manufacturing process, the hair is carefully kept in order. The true definition of “Remy” hair simply refers to how the hair is handled and stored. In other words, it's hair that's kept “root-to-tip.”

With your own natural, growing hair all the  are facing up, in the same direction, which prevents the tangling and matting problems when the hair is wet.

With the traditional manufacturing process, the (outer layer) of the hair is the cause of tangling and matting problems. When the hair is examined under a microscope the looks like the bark of a palm tree and when the hair gets wet the shaft swells and the cuticle opens creating "horny barks."

Through the normal manufacturing process the hair is blended and ventilated. This process leaves the hair cuticle going in opposite directions and unless the cuticle is removed through an acid bath it will tangle and matte when wet.


Remy hair is not virgin hair. Remy hair does not mean the hair is not processed to remove the cuticle.

Remy hair is also Not European hair. Some even think it's the best hair that money can buy. Unfortunately, this too is untrue. The terms “Remy hair” and “European hair” are completely separate.

Remy hair also can refer to Chinese remy hair and Indian remy hair.


4) Virgin Hair

“Virgin hair” is completely unprocessed hair with the cuticle still intact. That would mean that the hair is neither colored nor permed (straight or curly).
We also offer the highest quality Virgin  hair. Virgin hair is human hair in its purest and natural state. It is collected from a single hair donor and is completely raw with no chemical or texture processing. This makes our virgin hair 100% natural as it has never been chemically processed in any way. The only processing performed on this hair is that it has been cleaned and conditioned. This means that there is no damage to the cuticle layer leaving the cuticle intact. This is very important as the cuticles function as the hair's protective shield therefore as virgin hair has its cuticle intact it is more durable, stronger, healthier looking and reflects a natural shine.

In addition the cuticles in virgin hair are aligned in the same direction to prevent tangling. This makes virgin hair easier to maintain as it is smooth and tangle free.

Our Virgin hair is only available in its natural color and texture as it is completely natural and this hair has never been treated or colored. The natural color is usually very "dark brown" or "off black" shade (similar to color 1B). The natural virgin hair textures range from straight, to wavy and curly. Hair that has been colored or processed for texture cannot be categorized as virgin hair however many retailers/websites falsely describe their processed hair as virgin hair which is completely untrue and inaccurate.

Our virgin hair is incredibly durable and can be reused again and again whilst still maintaining a superior quality. It is also very versatile that you can color, tint and even perm this hair. This hair can also be blow-dried, flat ironed straight and curled with curlers.

Once you try our Virgin Cuticle Hair you will be astonished at how soft and beautiful your hair looks you will never want anything less. The sheer quality of this hair makes it the finest human hair on the market. It is soft to touch and retains its vitality and elasticity. This hair behaves exactly like your own hair and looks perfectly natural. It can be blow-dried, flat ironed straight and curled with curlers. So the hair will always look healthy and full of luster.

5) European hair

Darling hair also can make your order with REAL EUROPEAN HAIR.European hair is very soft, the hand feel is silky, the hair is waving on your head, you can get a very natural movement. All our European hair was not been chemical proceed, they are all cuticle intact and kept "root-to-tip". In another word, European is absolutely virgin hair.

However, not all lengths are available of our European hair, the length we can do is 6 inches after finished. They can also be dyed into any color you want.

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