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It is important to select the correct curl/wave to guarantee a perfect and seamless blend with your existing hair. At Findmenhair, we have a wide selection of different curls and waves to suit any taste. Please note that the hair incorporated into a Custom system is high quality human cuticle hair and it will behave just like natural hair. This will allow you to style out the curl to some extent, or reactivate the curl with water or a styling product.


The curl and wave choices are as follows:

Curl & wave

Rod size

Open size




Body wave

Around 1-1/2" (36mm)

Around 3"     (76mm) nearly straight

Slight wave

Around 1-1/4" (32mm)

Around 2"     (51mm)

Medium wave

Around 7/8"  (25mm)

Around 1-3/4"  (44mm)

Tight wave

Around 3/4"  (19mm)

Around 1-1/2"  (38mm)

Loose curl

Around 5/8"  (15mm)

Around 1-1/4"  (32mm)

Medium curl

Around 1/2"  (13mm)

Around 1"     (25mm)

Tight curl

Around 3/8"  (10mm)

Around 3/4"    (19mm)

Loose afro

Around 1/4"  (6mm)

Around 1/2"    (13mm)

Medium afro

Around 3/16" (4mm)

Around 1/4"    (7mm)

Tight afro

Around 1/8"  (2mm)

Around 1/8"    (4mm)


Here are some images to illustrate some of the curl and wave options above.

NB: Please note that these pictures are of hair samples. They are intended for use as a guide to curl and wave only. These pictures are not hair systems and are in no way a reflection of what the finished hair system will look like.





Absolutely straight as a pencil. This is not a logical choice for 99% of all men's hair styles because it will stick straight out if it is not long enough to create the weight to make it lay natural.


Body wave (36mm)
1-1/2 inch rod size will open to approximately 3 inch wave. This very light bend will defiantly not work well for a brush back style. When it is cut short, it will appear very straight.



Slight wave (32mm)
1 inch rod size will open to approximately a 2 inch wave, light movement or body will remain. When this is cut 2-1/2 inches or shorter it will appear to be almost straight. Any wave curl less then this (F wave) will not have body.


Tight wave (19mm)
3/4 inch rod size will open to approximately 1-1/2 inch wave. This will be a light wave and is the most common wave used for the majority of styles. When this is cut two inches or shorter there will only be light movement remaining.


Medium curl (13mm)
1/2 inch rod size will open to approximately 1 inch curl. Remember, if this is cut shorter then two inches most of the curl is cut out. This can also be wave or curl depending on the direction it dries. Wet it and scrunch into curl or comb flatter into a wave.


Tight curl (10mm)
3/8 inch rod size is curly and will open to 3/4 inch curl, approximately the size of your thumb. This can be wave or curl depending on the way it dries. Wet it and scrunch into a curl or comb flatter into a wave.


Medium Afro (4mm)
3/16 inch rod size is a slightly looser afro kink-curl. This curl is also true to rod size.


Tight Afro (2mm)
1/8 inch rod size is a tight afro with a very small kink or curl. This curl is true to rod size.

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